Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't try this at home!

Here I am at my circus class doing a rope trick. This one is called a- One knee hang. Its actually harder getting out of it then getting in to. Since you have to battle fatigue, which is obtained from climbing up the rope then binding your foot to secure yourself in place. (Which feels as if your wearing a shoe designed for Al-Qaeda POW's) Obviously many things can go wrong the least of which is falling contrary to popular belief. Its the rope burns that I loathe the most. ugh. The one I got last night around my thigh still stings today and I was wearing leggings and shorts!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soon I will be on vacation (PR-again)

I would like to point out that I haven't been on a "real" vacation in about 4 years and prior to that it was a few years before that and a little get away here and there but not more then long weekends and stay overs have pretty much constituted my adult life. The only time I can think of being away for an extensive amount of time was...wait for it...1983 or 1984 and that was 3 weeks in PR. This being before my kid sister came about and snuffed out any remote possibility of ever leaving the country as a family ever again. No biggie since we where and still are poor and funny enough I have never done anything exclusively with that kid sis of mine but that's another story... any way... I have some how gotten around this globe on a tight ass budget and yet I feel like I never get out of Philly enough. Lets see... Anchorage, AK- about 6 years ago? Ireland- 14 yrs ago? Puerto Rico-7yrs ago and 26 yrs ago(- ugh ) San Diego, CA- 12 yrs ago? Alright, I have been other places like Virginia, New York, Maine, Boston,Mass, all those stupid red neck states that you go through to get to Florida on I-95. I guess there called Maryland, Delaware, D.C., North/South Carolina, Georgia... and I have been to Marco Island when I was 19 or 20 not a great trip thanks to hurricane Hugo. Oh, and I did manage to go to Costa Rica about 5 years ago to get married or something and that was fun-ish. I guess that's it...the brain is taxed and is looking forward to just not work, not do a damn thing besides eat, sleep, read a book on the beach, swim and maybe do some yoga and order many, and I mean MANY Pina Coladas! and yes, the chosen few will receive a post card because I love you even when I am away.-oxo

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have gone 5 days without my car!

I usually use my car less on the weekends just because I choose to walk or take public transportation to lessen my carbon foot print and tree hug my way to heavan. But last Thursday during that rain storm on the way home from work my gas pedal's cable broke. Now the feeling of one minute being in control then the next having none is always unsettling. But this was a new feeling, a more "wtf" to do now kind of feeling! And since I was on my phone with my sister when this happened. I just got off the phone and applied the brake to stop my car and then jumped out and started to push it to the side of the road. This of course is tricky since your pushing and steering at the same time from the driver side door. Here is when my faith in humanity was redeemed. As I was pushing my car off to the side, a older gentleman appeared from his office and began to assist me. Remember its pouring out and freezing cold at rush hour. He began to help push my car into a bus zone then went off and got more help from his office. Then in case I didn't already have an abundence of heroes. Another man appeared to move his car from the metered spot just next to the bus zone so that I could legally park!!! And when I did not have enough change in my purse to fill the meter so I wouldn't get a ticket my original hero hauled out one of those meter cards and filled my meter!!! I believe I cried a bit but you couldn't tell since as I have mentioned it was pouring out! Well, the next morning I joined AAA and organized my car to be transported via a flatbed tow truck, to my garage which is 4 blocks away from where I broke down. And after what felt like 12 hours the mechanic called me to give me the good and the bad news. The good news was it was going to be a cheap and easy fix. Yeah! The bad news the part won't be in till Tuesday... this was Friday morning. I found this a little hard to believe. Why on Earth would it take 5 days to get the part in? I live in the 6th largest city in the USof A! 5 days really? So, after a yoga style deep breath. I said "Thank you" and walked to work. And I did it again on Saturday. And on Sunday I walked all over town with my friend. It was great...I went to Chinatown for dinner then had coffee and dessert by City hall. Then walked into Macy's for the Christmas light show. And here it is 5 days later my legs are a little sore but I feel great. So, park your car people take the 5 day challenge. I dare you! Its a win/win situation. The planet needs us all to ease off the gas pedal. You'll meet great people walking on the road. I promise ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its cold out!

Uh, burrrr... its cold! Its Chicago cold, not Miami cold but New York in January cold. It is wear layers- cold. It is hat, scarf and gloves- cold. It is certainly with out a doubt- COLD! Hot, hot, hot showers- cold. Possibly even wear socks to bed-cold.Was last November even cold at all? I know we certainly did not see snow until February. And yet I woke up to snow yesterday morning! I am dumbstruck with the lack of seasons. We seem to just have two: Winter then Summer. Poor mother nature! What have we done?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Any one towed lately?

Here is the face of Lew Blum... this man provides a service to certain people with driveways and/or private businesses that want unwanted automobiles moved at its owners expense. And guess what? They get no percentage of that fee...none. Lew Blum gets it all. Yes, all of it! Let me remind you how much its up to now, its $150 to tow and for every day its stored its an additional $25.
This is the face, take a good look... yes, he is just a regular unattractive philly douchebag with no visible horns, decaying flesh, and is not wielding a pitch fork. He is unremarkable, apart for his name. Which for most of us here in the Philadelphia area is synonymous with these phrases-your car has been towed, we accept cash only, & go to South West Philly. Ugh, so for all of us who have had our cars towed lets all put a face to the name so we can create voodoo dolls to his likeness and stab away at it or better yet...lets change that I hate Steven Singer billboard to- I hate Lew Blum! Who is with me???

Sleeping outdoors...

Ok, book me for this suite or shall I say sweet... this is so lovely and picture perfect I will keep my raving to a minimum and allow you to just dream of one day napping here...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best thing in my life!

Because I am part cyborg I generally exist on routine (yes, I know its subtle) and this makes top 5 on my list of to do every day... No jokes...its up there with eating, sleeping, brushing teef, and sex! Butter me up...
I heart this product! You will too!
So, now I just need a man to rub my back with it...meow!